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CD Replication

-What is CD Replication

Just like CD Duplication, Compact Disc Replication also known as CD replication.It is the process by which commercial CD can be replicated in "unlimited quantities" using a master version created from a source recording.

The CD Replication itself can either in Audio CD, CD-Rom and even Video CD Replication. The only difference compare to CD Duplication is that you must have atleast "500pcs" CD copies to choose this package.

CD Replication Services At Nandigital

-Why Nandigital

If your CD Replication services is 500 discs or more, we will highly recommend you to apply this CD Replication packages, as the outcome of the replication is much efficient and cheaper.

In order for us to proceed with your replication services, we require our customer to send us their master softcopy files through our email( or kindly contact our sales personnel(+603-9133 3808) for further information.

We accept all kind of file format to be burn or replicate including software, music, annual reports, presentation CD contents and corporate video....we ensure that the CD Replication are consistent with the original through the CD Replication package that we offer.

Our CD Replication Portfolios

-CD Replication Samples

The folowing samples are few of our portfolios base on CD Replication services:

If CD Replication service isn't what you are looking for or you wish to browse through other packages/services, please visit for the following links:
DVD Replication, CD Duplication, CD Replication

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