CD Copy Protection

We provide CD copy protection, CD locking system, or any data can be recorded into the cd together with the locking system. As Internet speed and usage continues to grow alongside sales of CD and DVD recordable discs, software, music and film piracy has become an enormous problem for content providers and copyright owners.

At Nandigital, we provide 2 types of CD / DVD's copy protection for CD / DVD duplication and replication as the following:

  • CD-RX Copy Protection - for encryption of duplication, order quantity from 1-500CDs
  • CD-ROM Copy Protection - for encryption of replication, order quantity from 500CDs and above

CD-RX is a newly recordable disc developed by Hexalock that consist of pre-burned data when the blank disc is being created. It works like normal blank CD-R with additional copy protection properties.

This copy protection disc is made of high quality disc which is available in blank format and each CD is protected using unique ID, making the CD content even more secure to get copied.

CD-RX copy protection is available in low volume CD duplication, it is mostly use as protecting software's prototype for clients, press sample and music files. Any file can be protected, such as jpeg, microsoft word, powerpoint presentation, autorun, PDF, music files and etc.

The CD protection only available in pc not in consumer players. The copy protected file become unusable when copied into PC and without the originalCD-RX disc the file will not open. Tricks like save as, copy and paste and even print will not work on copy protected file, which mean your protected data will not be duplicate by others.

CD-ROM Encryption technology is a form of protection technology. Our encryption technology is mainly base on 2 categories, SPP and SBT.(commonly known as "anti-theft ring") technology(SBT)

The anti-theft ring is created during its manufacture, anyone who is trying to copy the file from the CD/DVD will immediately stopped by the ring around it.

One great advantage of using CD-ROM protection or encryption is that any file can be protected, including pc software, images, pdf, even CD and DVD video player file.