Silkscreen Printing Service

Our CD/DVD duplication and CD/DVD replication provide duplicating your CD/DVD contents from blank CD/DVD media to a fully functional product for company branding. When you order our CD/DVD duplication and replication service you are entitled to choose your own CD/DVD printing methods.

Each CD/DVD printing have their own advantages and disadvantages, the differences include cost per unit, quantity of your CD/DVD duplication and printing, quality of your CD/DVD print and etc. CD/DVD silkscrenn printing allows maximum use of 3-4 colour either in CMYK or pantone colours, it is ideal for printing text and logo

What is it?

Silkscreen printing uses a fine nylon mesh stretched tightly over a frame (the Screen). Images are created by blocking parts of the screen using photographic techniques (the films), and ink is then forced through the open areas of the screen, using a squeegee, onto the disc face. Each colour printed requires its own film and screen, so a four colour process job will need at least four films and four screens (one each for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, and possibly a white base).

Why Silkscreen Print?

  • Replicated & Duplicated discs
    Screen printing is available on recordable as well as pressed discs.
  • Use the mirror surface
    The shiny surface of the disc can be used as part of the disc face design.
  • Pantone Colours
    Individual 'spot' colours can be printed if you need an exact colour matched.
  • Standard method on duplicated discs
    All our replicated CDs are screen printed unless offset printing is chosen or recommended instead.
  • Cost on high volumes
    Best for high volumes as setup costs become more significant with lower numbers.
  • Print only?
    Discs can be supplied blank, but printed. Maybe you have your own duplicator or you burn 'one-offs' for distribution.