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Pendrive Design

Gift is a silent way of communicating, receiver can get to know one’s particular taste, giver’s wisdom, talent, emotion and temperament : Gift is a continuation of character. It act as a cultural bridge between the state and is also a pass on the business market; Nand Digital Corporation Sdn Bhd has been expertise in pen drive gift for years and knowledge in international pen drive marketing, providing customer with professional pen drive services.

Gift Pen Drive ( also known as USB flash drive ) being a practical electronic products, are most welcome in any form of enterprises, especially company exhibition gift, holiday gifts, business gifts, community activities awards, school awards, government procurement, and other gifts. Due to its small and practical usage electronic storage products, portability, ease of use, long lasting , fast transfer rate, affordable price and also provide logo for companies, enterprises, associations and schools etc…. Choose from the professional pen drive manufacturing provider is an ideal way to improve your business fame!

Pendrive Category

Silicon pen drive :
Since it is low in cost for its production, silicon pen drive becomes the most widely used pen drive, it is soft while ding in hand, resistant to dirt, easy to use and available in variety of styles.

Diamond pen drive : :
Derive from personalized jewelry and ornaments, it is made from rhinestone and alloy. This kind of pen drive mainly target on female market, which can reflect out its excellent quality.

Metal pen drive :
Mainly divide into smooth and glossy surface, with non-rusty material. Laser printing are use for printing logo on metallic surface.

Leather pen drive :
Main material are full grain, corrected, and split, 3 kinds of leather, colors include orange, blue, black and so on. Types include buckle type pen drive, wristband pen drive, button pen drive, leather bound pen drive.

Plastic pen drive :
The most affordable pen drive gift, mainly use screen print to apply logo on the pen drive, because of its lightweight and low cost materials, are able to produce in large quantity. It is target on major market for large enterprises, large supermarkets and chain stores.

Bamboo pen drive :
Eco-friendly pen drive, using natural thin bamboo or wood materials for its manufacture. Consumer market mainly target in Japan and Europe. Customer group mainly target on environmentally friendly, the pursuit of classical beauty of nature, and simplicity, such as , furniture business, sanitation companies, raw materials, import and export companies.

USB Stick Duplication

What is it?
Pen drive, pendrive, flash drive, USB drive - whatever you call them, they're one of the coolest media products around. Acting like a mini hard disk when plugged into your computer's USB port, they are perfect for carrying your marketing and advertising messages - MP3s, videos, sales literature, etc. But what makes them really neat is that once finished with they can be re-used, so they're a great gift as well - even better when your brand is printed on the side!

Different data capacities
USB drive, flash drive or pen drive available sizes are 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB & 8GB and above.

High Speed USB Drive 2.0 Duplication
Using dedicated equipment, 10 full USB drive or flash drive can be copied in just a few minutes

All current computer operating systems support the use of USB flash drive

Corporate and promotional gifts
Unlike many other gift ideas, USB drive are desirable and have a long life-cycle

Varying styles and colours
USB drive are available in many different styles, colours and even materials - something for everyone taste...

Available on their own in bulk, or with lanyards, gift boxes, etc.

Printed and labelled
Ensure your brand/logo/message continues to be seen on your flash drive.

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