DVD Replication Service

Digital Versatile Disc or Digital Video Disc also known as DVD replication. It has the exact same size and look compare to CD, but store more than six times as much data.Commercial DVD can be replicated in "unlimited quantities" using a master version created from a source recording.

Commercial DVD are replicated with a minimum of 500pcs with no maximum quantity. Just like DVD duplication, DVD replication can be divided into few genres: DVD-R / DVD+R also known as DVD-ROM which is "recordable" DVD which can only be record once and function as normal DVD-ROM. DVD-RAM, DVD+RW and DVD-RW are known as "rewritable" DVD which can all record and erase data as many times as you want.

The DVD Duplication itself can either in Audio DVD and DVD-Rom but due to its large storage capacity it is mainly use for video and data storage.

If your DVD Replication services is 500 discs or more, we will highly recommend you to apply this CD Replication packages, as the outcome of the replication is much efficient and cheaper.

What is it?

Alternatively referred to as 'DVD Pressing', DVD Replication is where your discs are manufactured with your video or data already 'stamped' (or 'pressed') onto them - unlike DVD duplication for lower volumes, where the data is 'burned' onto pre-manufactured recordable discs.DVD Replication is generally used for quantities from 1000 discs and upwards.

Why DVD Replication?

  • Time, on larger volumes
    Turnaround for 1000 DVDs is about the same as for 50,000DVDs, approx. 10 working days.
  • Low unit cost, on larger volumes
    The higher the number of discs, the more significant the cost savings become.
  • Copy protection
    Options are available for pressed video and data DVDs.

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