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What is Disc Replication?

Alternatively referred to as 'DVD Pressing', DVD Replication is where your discs are manufactured with your video or data already 'stamped' (or 'pressed') onto them - unlike DVD duplication for lower volumes, where the data is 'burned' onto pre-manufactured recordable discs.DVD Replication is generally used for quantities from 1000 discs and upwards.
dvd replication

Why DVD Replication?

Time, on larger volumes
Turnaround for 1000 DVDs is about the same as for 50,000DVDs, approx. 10 working days.

Low unit cost, on larger volumes
The higher the number of discs, the more significant the cost savings become.

Copy protection
Options are available for pressed video and data DVDs.

  Not What You Are Looking For ?
see information about our low volume DVD Duplication service, Screen Printing or Offset Printing, DVD artwork specilications and CD & DVD Packaging section for some ideas.

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