What is Mini CD?

They work in the same way as standard 12cm discs, but being only 8cm in diameter have a huge novelty value. Funky', 'cool' and 'cute' are among the words we've heard used to describe mini CD and DVD!

Their small size is particularly suited to situations where the disc is to be packaged with other oddly shaped items - childrens toys, for example.

Why use Mini CD?

  • High visual impacted
    Usable alternative to a standard 12cm disc
  • Small size
    Can be easily packaged in a retail environment, for example, with childrens toys or soft drinks.

  • Rarity value
    Although many people have seen them, not many will have been given one!
  • CD or DVD
    They are available in both derivatives, so are suitable for data, audio or video applications.