Inkjet Printing Service

Our CD/DVD duplication and CD/DVD replication provide duplicating your CD/DVD contents from blank CD/DVD media to a fully functional product for company branding.

When you order our CD/DVD duplication and replication service you are entitled to choose your own CD/DVD printing methods.There are inkjet print, offset print, thermal print and silkscreen print.

Each CD/DVD printing have their own advantages and disadvantages, the differences include cost per unit, quantity of your CD/DVD duplication and printing, quality of your CD/DVD print and etc.

Inkjet printing works just like using your domestic printer printing your design on the paper. While using inkjet printer, a blank CD/DVD with white surface is insert into the machine and print.

What is it?

Using heavily modified inkjet printers, blank CDs and DVDs are placed, using robotics, onto a caddy which clamps the disc and passes under the print head, to print in the same way as a standard piece of paper. Because the ink is water based, after printing we apply a protective UV curable lacquer coating to each disc, sealing the image so it becomes scratch-resistant and waterproof.

Why Inkjet Print?

  • High quality photographic images
    Photographs, are particularly suited to Inkjet Printing.
  • Tough gloss/sheen finish
    A special UV curable lacquer is applied to each printed disc making it waterproof as well as giving it a scratch-resistant coating.
  • Color Matching
    It is possible to get extremely close to your specific chosen colours, to match other printed material for example.
  • Cost on low volumes
    Best colour print process for low volumes as no need for expensive films or screens as with screen and offset printing.
  • Print only?
    Discs can be supplied blank, but printed. Maybe you have your own duplicator or you burn 'one-offs' for distribution.